Hooked on Demonics

by BloodHag

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This is BloodHag's second official release. A book on tape. Released in 1998 by Spork! Recordings. Very rare only printed around 200 of these babies.


released January 1, 1998

Bass – Zachary Orgel
Drums – Rodd Karp
Guitar – J.M. McNulty
Vocals& Lyrics by– J. B. Stratton
Music By – Blöödhag, & J.M. McNulty

Mixed By, Mastered By – "Shirtless"Jeff McNulty @ the Pachinko Parlour
Recorded By – Kanaan Tupper at Major Appliances
All songs © 1998 Swordsagainstmusic



all rights reserved


BloodHag Seattle, Washington

BloodHag played really short heavy metal songs about Sci-Fi, Fantasy and seminal Horror authors.
We're putting some of our stuff online that is out of print. I'm remastering all the 7"s and the Book on Tape and previously unreleased BloodHag stuff. These will be free until/when we reach the download limit, then it will be cheap!
Thank you & enjoy!
Dr J.M.McNulty AKA Deus Ex Libris the Plagiarazor
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Track Name: Ray Bradbury
You did pretty good for never having gone to college Ray...
But when I saw you on TV I felt you owed me an apology!
But not for..
Farenheit 451!
Not for...
Something Wicked This Way Comes!
Not for...
Golden Apples of the Sun!
Not for...
Martian Chronicles, Book One!
Track Name: Edgar Rice Burroughs
Some call it trash
but I think it art, are
He wrote John Carter
Warlord of Mars and
Track Name: Philip K. Dick
Nothing' s ever the way it looks!
The K is for kickin' your ass with great books!
Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch
Genius! Paranoid lunatic!
Lies, Incorporated - Valis and Ubik
You got to stay the fuck back from Philip K. Dick!
Though he wrote some crap to pay the rent
Anyone could see his mind was bent
Everything is a lie. Reality is a sham.
Am I a Replicant? I don't know who the fuck I am!
Nothing' s ever the way it looks!
The K is for kickin' your ass with great books!
Track Name: Harlon Ellison
Write in a store window, the girls watch your lobes flex
Still, no one could guess what you would write next
Like you might write just to read your own name
Your early work made good TV game
Still, no one could top you at your short fiction
No one could stop your dangerous visions
We wrote this song don't let it go to your head
You'd like it more if your name's all we said
Harlan, Harlan, Ellison!
Harlan, Harlan, Ellison!
A lot of people called you a prick
Maybe you talked a little shit 'bout Philip K. Dick
Mephisto In Onyx. Phoenix Without Ashes.
Couldn't write a real novel to save your ass!
Track Name: Robert A. Heinlein
Grok this! Robert A. Heinlein, here's a dis
You're a misogynist. Known as the fascist of the Best Seller list
As you died in pain. You still had to persist
And make sure everybody knew you were pissed
Wrote about your great great great great Grandson
Only as Larzarus Long could you be that handsome
I swear as sure as your middle name is Anson
I heard you wrote a favorite book of Charles Manson
Starship Troppers. Podkayne of Mars.
Time Enough For Love. Time For The Stars.
You opened the door they could've followed
The future starts the day after tomorrow!
It's the day after tomorrow
Track Name: Jules Verne
Jules and his brother, watching the boats
Tellin' stories to each other of the places they'd go
At twenty-thousand leagues meet Captain Nemo
Not much of a plot and owed a lot to Poe
From Phineas Fogg to Impey Barbicane
He fit his fiction to the science of the day
Practically invented the N.R.A.
Wrote Around the World in 80 Days!
Jules' dad sent him to law school in Paris
He wished he was with his brother on a ship
Supposed to go to class but always skipped
Did the coffeehouse bit, started to get Lit
Wrote a couple of boring plays
Soon, Jules was amazed
Writing fiction pays
So, he wrote Around The World In 80 Days!